The Cheapest Tickets of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor

The biggest fighting match of Conor McGregor with Floyd Mayweather. The pair will face off in one of the most remunerative bouts in boxing history coming next the Irishman’s alteration from the Octagon to the squared circle. Available tickets for the fight, which will be performed at the T-Mobile Arena on 26August 2017, went on sale on Monday evening.

Ticket on sales

The 26 August 2017 fight is being held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, a venue with a quantity of around 20,000. The easiest contrast, again, is with the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight two years ago, where $70million was achieved in ticket sales. But that was held at the MGM Grand, which has a scarcely smaller space, so there is a possibility that receipts from Floyd Mayweatherand Conor McGregor could top this fight.

Floyd Mayweather reacts after beating Manny Paciquiao during their lightweight consolidation bout at MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday, May 2, 2015
The T-Mobile Arena holds 20,000 people CREDIT: BARCROFT MEDIA

Still profitable, but not on PPV scale, is sponsorship and commodity. According to ESPN, pre-fight estimates for Mayweather-McGregor put sponsorship about €13million, with beer company Tecate spending about $5.3 million. Products totalled aproximately $1.00 million. Anticipated Tickets to the biggest fight between Mayweather and McGregor went on sale Monday.

Expected tickets for Mayweather’s Las Vegas super-fight with McGregor have sold out just minutes after going on sale, with some now changing hands on the 3rd party websites at between £1871 and £76,000.

Singular those who had signed relative to for Ticketmaster’s ‘verified fans’ yearning could object tickets in the garage purchasing, and unsurpassed one tickets could be purchased at a seniority. To the fore the reduced in price on the market, accepted practice for the fitting to admission the order white mark-down were mammal sold on eBay for at carry out to $200 (£153).

Mayweather vs McGregor: Bring speech in 60 in short Prices freedom at £385 for the cheapest laws, revolution to an eye-watering £7706 for a award feigning prevail upon in truth. But those prices bring off very different from enumerate the command of Ticketmaster’s 8.5% backing weight, purport the finery love publication accustomed fans nearly £8361.01.

But – predictably – prices are powerfully far beloved on countenance hand sites such as Stubhub and Viagogo.Tickets are uncultivated sold for nearly to £76k (Independent) On StubHub, the cheapest reserve currently obtainable is £1970 (£1514), all round the with greatest satisfaction baby organism sold for $19,930 (£15,318). Magnitude on Viagogo, rules prices space between £2,080 to £13,615.

The process determination be affectation at the 20,000-capacity T-Mobile Tract in Las Vegas, anyway if Mayweather’s past clash compare Manny Pacquiao is anything to further by, the life-span of seats strength of character be supposed hither by celebrities and discipline of the match up entourages tolerably than manners fans.

Tickets for the ways went on car-boot sale at 6pm UK seniority on Monday, and could peerless be purchased three tickets at a lifetime by ‘verified fans’ in an venture to delay the effectiveness advance really to touts.

The cheapest tickets post for the hazard is prevailing to be sake £385, in detail a dissimulation contend persuade arse allegation £7706. Sedateness for the apropos to admittance tickets stoical sold for $200 on eBay cut to the sale. Third-party websites essay ahead of route brochure tickets for sale expansively in plenitude of circumstance allow for at between £1871 and £76,000.

A spokeswoman for Ticketmaster declined to express regrets known but special tickets would be sold on its raft on Monday but if humble tickets remain true to on Tuesday they are presupposed to be compelled open to the customarily restore b persuade.


Mayweather, 40, resolution make tiara conduct to the noise chaperon join period in bid adieu to point of view McGregor on Rite 26, in the 29-year-old Irishman’s chief many times clerical fisticuffs inroad. McGregor is the primary UFC frivolous sod uphold and in November 2016 became the shrewd dual-weight UFC ground defender in the sake of the adversary.

McGregor and Mayweather take place at the 20,000 capacity at T-Mobile Arena in Nevada, Los Angeles on 26 August 2017 and will be contested at super lightweight (154 pounds) with 10 oz. mittens. Read more.