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Watch The First Episode of All Access | Mayweather vs McGregor

The First Episode of All Access,Mayweather vs McGregor. As we make our path towards the superfight between former boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor McGregor on Saturday, 26 August 2017. you can keep tug of their each move through Showtime‘s four-part series “All Access: Mayweather vs. McGregor.”

In order to build the series more accessible, Showtime has published the first episode live as free and you can watch it as following.

The following 3 episode of the this series will premiere each Friday at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime and be eligible only to Showtime joiners.

“All-Access: Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor” will pull back the curtain on the 26th August blockbuster bout with unveiling looks as the boxers. Fans can imbrue themselves in their lives and training camps while in consequence of the outwords, charismatic winners as they prepare for a bout that might set PPV ( Pay Per View ) sales records.

Floyd Mayweather v-s Conor McGregor will broadcast live on Showtime pay-per-view for $89.95 ($99.95 high definition) on 26 august 2017. The recently unpublished undercard will feature a number of championship fighting bouts.

Reaction to the worlds of boxing fight and MMA fight has not been absolutely positive, with the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor bout in special attracting no scarcity of scorn.

But Manuwa believes a lot of the negativeness around the fight is because he is jealousy.

“I hoped a negative feedback,” he adds. “primarily I imagine that the boxing fighkters are being snobby about the boxing fight because they are truely scared. They are scared that an MMA fighter is going to inter into their world and beat the best boxing fighter.

“And then also there are a lot of guys who are simply zealous of Conor McGregor and that the boxing fight is performing in the first place. But I can’t suppose why all guys are being negative about that boxing match, because we all know that approximately everyone is going to watch this bigger boxing match.” Read more about